Pez Productions Calgary leader in Entertainment and DJing

Pez Productions is a full DJ service providing the best in DJ services and party entertainment in Calgary and area. Launched in 2009 by one of Calgary’s most diverse DJ’s, DJ Fayyaz K, Pez Productions has grown into a flourishing multi-DJ company with a generous following.

As an innovator and visionary, DJ Fayyaz K established Pez Productions to be synonymous with success and satisfied clients. Pulling from each unique experience from over his 13-plus years in the industry, DJ Fayyaz K has built Pez Productions into a desirable addition to any party, occasion or event. Following Fayyaz K’s lead, the company’s talented DJs have proven themselves time and time again in all corners of the industry.

Pez Productions -alongside DJ Fayyaz K, has provided DJ entertainment to more than 1 million people at over 2,000 events. Our song Rolodex includes over 150,000 tracks, from ‘50s music to today’s chart toppers, and spans across all genres, , including but not limited to: Top 40, Rock n’ Roll, House, Latin, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, Oldies, Country, Reggae, EDM and much more.

Pez Productions isn’t just music; it’s an experience. Each event will be authentically customized to your unique personal needs based on the occasion. We are certain your special celebration will be unforgettable!

“DJ’s are a dime a dozen these days. With today’s advances in technology, anyone with an iPod can be a “DJ”. Anyone with enough money can buy the right equipment, press a sync button and mix two songs together, but this doesn’t mean they’re able to offer much more than a mixtape. The love and passion for music as well as the ability to entertain a crowd is what makes a real DJ. It takes a unique talent to be able to read the crowd, play the right music, evoke specific emotions and take them on a memorable journey. The ability to create and raise the energy in a room takes precise song selection, mixing, timing and playing a track at the perfect moment – that’s what creates the magic. Allowing each song to be a bigger hit than the last, this isn’t done by chance but by choice. This is a skill that can only be learned and mastered through years of hard work, experience and dedication. This is the art of a DJ, and only the best know how to do it.”

-Fayyaz Khimani

Learn more about Fayyaz K - Visit Fayyaz K Website

Pez Productions has entertained hundreds of events over the past 5 years we have been in business. We have a strong background entertaining wedding and reception events, although we have brought music and video dance parties to all types of events. If you do not see the event type you wish to hire Pez for, please contact us as we are available for any type of event.

  • Awards and Recognition Nights 100%

  • Glow Parties 100%

  • Office Parties 100%

  • School Dances 100%

  • Engagements 85%

  • Stampede Parties 100%

  • School Fundraisers 68%

  • Wedding Reception 85%

  • Grand Openings 100%

  • Karaoke Services 68%

  • Gala's 85%

  • Costume and Theme Parties100%

  • Live on Location100%

  • Christmas Parties100%

  • High School Graduation 100%

  • Wedding Ceremony 85%

  • Fashion Shows 60%

  • Grad After Party70%

  • Destination Weddings 100%

  • Birthday Parties 60%

  • Charity Events70%

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s 100%

On a budget or want to host your own event? Ask about our sound rentals! We’ll come and setup a sound system and a mic, leave you with a adaptor to plug in your ipod or mp3 player, and come tear down when you're done.

Pez Productions rents sound speakers for your party

Whether you're throwing a party on a budget or you just want to save some money on entertainment, contact us and let us get you a custom mixed CD made specifically for your event.

ask about our budget mix tapes