10 Wedding Registry Items You Won’t Want to Forget

A wedding registry is a chance for you to share your gift wish list with your guests. Don’t miss out on a chance to get your hearts’ desires (and your home’s needs)!

Here are 10 wedding registry items to add to your list:


If you plan to travel the world with your sweetheart at your side (or just get to your in-laws and back) you will need some luggage. Investing in good luggage is a smart move, as high-quality items will serve you well for years and keep all your key items safe as you explore new destinations.


Lighting can really change the atmosphere and look of a space. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask for interesting lighting solutions, like lamps, fixtures, and chandeliers to give your nest a “bright outlook” for the future.


Chances are that post tying the knot, you’ll have a lot of new “stuff” in your home – houseware, kitchen supplies, etc. Don’t forget to add storage and organization solutions to your wedding registry list and keep all your other gifts in order. From cutlery organizers to shelving bins to shoe racks, these keep your home tidy and manageable. Believe me, the less clutter, the happier your life will be.


With all these new kitchen appliances and cooking supplies, you may find you want some inspiration for dinnertime. Register for interesting and beautiful cookbooks that you will love flipping through for ideas and will come to rely on when that fancy dinner party comes up.


There’s more to living at home than just cooking with those brand new appliances or laundering all those new linens. Don’t forget to add some fun games and entertainment ideas to spice up life at home. They are also perfect for a get together with friends.


It’s easy to forget about the floor and just focus on major furniture pieces upon entering a room. Give your spaces some flavor by adding accent rugs to your wedding registry. Choose ones with interesting patterns or textures to add a pop and some warmth to your rooms.

Bathroom Accessories

Wedding registries always seem to skew towards the kitchen and linens. One thing that you don’t want to forget when compiling your list is your bathroom’s needs. Add matching cups, soap dishes and toothbrush holders and splurge on a gorgeous shower curtain that will make your bathroom look fresh and glamorous.

Kitchen Scale

Measuring cups and spoons are always a cute wedding gift. However, a digital food scale is just as important, yet often forgotten. Tack one onto your wedding registry lists for accurate baking and cooking experiments in the kitchen.

Knife sharpener

Almost everyone registers for a knife set or individual high-quality kitchen blades. Those same people often forget the importance of a knife sharpener to keep your knives in good shape for years.


With your indoor kitchen all taken care of, it’s time to start developing your outdoor one! Add a grill to your wedding registry list and you’ll be all set for those hot summer days that barbecuing is perfect for. Now you won’t be able to fend off your friends who will see this as an excuse to drop in for some backyard fun.

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