How To Keep Kids Entertained At Your Reception

Unfortunately, weddings are not super exciting for little ones, but keeping them busy and entertained can be done with the right activities! Here are a few suggestions on how to keep kids entertained at your reception:

Coloring Books – Coloring books are a simple way to keep kids busy during your wedding reception. Have a printed book with a few pages for them to color. If you don’t want to do a book, consider making their entire tablecloth a big sheet of white paper where they can color freely! Don’t forget to provide the crayons!

Scavenger Hunt – Create an “I Spy” themed scavenger hunt and give them wedding themed items to find. For example, a white dress, a wedding cake, a candle, a flower bouquet, etc. If you want to get even more creative, give each kid a disposable camera and have them snap a picture of each of the items they need to find!

Game Table – Have a segregated area at your wedding reception where kids can play board games. Have a variety to choose from and let them have fun!

Hiring Kids Entertainment – If you have a good amount of kids attending your wedding reception (and if you have the room to accommodate it), consider hiring entertainment specifically for them. Maybe a magician, clown or someone who can make balloon animals; any entertainer that will interact with the kids and keep them occupied.

Interactive Placemats – Give each kid a placemat that has something interactive to do on it. For example, include a word search, tic-tac-toe, connect the dots, etc. Consider using wedding themed words to find and tie it into your special day!

Although these activities will keep the kids entertained, if you do plan on seating them all together, separated from their parents, it is also a good idea to recruit someone to watch them. This can simply be a family member that is willing to take on the task. It will help you relax and enjoy your wedding without worrying about keeping the kids under control and entertained!

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