Last Minute Wedding Planning

Wedding planning, whether two years or two months in advance, can be stressful. It includes millions of details, beginning months ahead. Last minute items can often feel hectic and rushed. Below are a few last minute details to keep in mind…

 Confirm payments with suppliers

It is important to double check which suppliers you have already paid and which will be paid on your actual wedding day. While rare, some suppliers may not accept credit cards. Therefore, set aside the necessary cash to cover all fees. We suggest finding a trusted family member or friend to distribute each payment on your big day.

 Have a discussion with your photographer

Give your photographer a list of people you’d like to have photographed together. They will ofcourse know to do the traditional photos; however, if you want a picture of everyone who flew in or your new husband’s coworkers, be sure to let your photographer know in advance. This will prevent not having someone or something captured forever.

 Prepare your thank you gifts

It’s understandable that during this chaotic time of planning, you may not think to give gifts. However, simple “thank you” or “I love you” gifts can be easy and greatly appreciated. Wrap up your bridesmaid gifts if you haven’t done so already. We suggest that you also put together thank you gifts for both mothers, which could be as simple as a bouquet of flowers.

 Create an emergency bag

Be organized and put together an emergency bridal bag. It should include: safety pins, sewing kit, toiletries, aspirin, portable iron, spot wipes, tissues or handkerchiefs, breath mints, a camera or anything else you would like to have at your reception. This could turn out to be a lifesaver on your big day!


Remember: With so many details already organized, the day of your wedding is the time to let go of all the planning stress and enjoy yourself! Congratulations!

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