Pez Productions Pro Tip- Christmas Edition

With temperatures dropping and leaves falling it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If you haven’t yet started planning your Christmas party get your planning committee together and get to it!

Many venues & vendors start accepting bookings as of January or earlier for the following season so grab the planning committee and let’s go!

1. Budget

This a big one! It can be tricky especially during this economy. Whether you are working with the same, larger or smaller budget than previous years be sure to do your research. Check out new vendors, compare pricing and build this into your budget. Remember from our 6 Keys to good lighting blog that lighting goes under decor and music goes under entertainment.

If your budget is tight consider asking employees to subsidize the costs with ticket sales or purchasing tickets to a pre-planned event such as dinner & a show or a combined Christmas party. Share the cost and network!

2. Venue

First things first set a budget and get estimated numbers Done? Great! Now we have an idea of where you can fit and your price range. Gather a few great candidates and compare. A few key questions & considerations to look for when selecting a venue:

  • Does the full capacity include or exclude a clear dance floor?
  • How do your numbers fit in?
  • Parking. Is it close? How much does it cost and how long can vehicles remain in the area?
  • How accessible is the venue for those with limited mobility? Taxi pickup and drop off locations
  • How inclusive is the package?
  • Bar options
  • Access- ie when can you get in to decorate and when must it be taken down
  • Other entertainment or amenities?

Pro tip – If you pick a really cool & exciting location be prepared for extra numbers. If you are hoping for a great turnout ensure to include & budget for plus ones. Once you have a great venue (signed & sealed ) we will move to the tasty part.

3. Food & Beverage

Now you have your venue (check that off the list √). Many venues ask for meal counts and guests numbers 2-4 weeks in advance. Unless you have decided upon a restaurant, large halls/event spaces need time to prepare and order in your menu. As soon as you have your venue booked pick a menu and send it out! Do not forget to ask for and confirm any allergies/ dietary restrictions. If you decide to have a family friendly event be sure to offer a kids meal. Last but not least don’t forget to include your vendors in the meal count! Pro Tip – make sure to select a menu on a full stomach or with snacks. Trust us you will get hungry pouring over the menu.

If you still need to trim the budget a bit consider opting for a cash bar with host tickets. This way you are in control of the number of drinks consumed on your budget. Other options include a subsidized bar (also commonly known as a twoonie bar). Change it up and request guests pay a higher percentage towards their drinks such as $3-$4. The savings add up quickly and can be utilized in other areas.

4. Decor

Simple & elegant never go out of style. Go back to basics and save on the small details for another time. Before committing yourself to the DIY section of Pinterest, which don’t get me wrong we love DIY, remember it is easy to run out of time to complete all of your projects and you may even go over budget once you factor in your time and crafting materials. Make sure to visit your friendly neighborhood Decor Rental & Specialists for some inspiration and assistance.

5. Entertainment

Music & lighting are great ways to create impact with little to no effort on your part. (More time for you to enjoy!) It also highlights and enhances your decor by creating another layer to the ambiance & theme.

Whether your party is big or small, elaborate or DIY inspired, the most important thing is to bring your team together and celebrate! Let us be a part of your celebration. Contact [email protected] to get started.