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To Midweek Wedding or Not To Midweek Wedding?
|Tips From a Calgary DJ|

Are you considering having a Midweek Wedding? Here are some things to think about! | Pez Productions

If you’re starting your wedding planning process, you’ve probably noticed a trend associated with cost and the day of the week. Saturdays are the most popular day to get married and consequently, the most expensive. This is followed by a close second with Friday and then the price significantly drops as we move into Monday through Wednesday with Thursday and Sunday living in a mid-priced limbo.

But this growing trend of having a wedding in the middle of the week isn’t just about cost. There are many factors to consider and we are going to break them all down for you.

  1. Attendance: This one is pretty self-explanatory but also extremely important. Most people work during the week and have their weekends off. Having a wedding on a Wednesday or Thursday means that a lot of people probably won’t be able to make it. And this is more than likely due to the following point…

  2. Atmosphere: If you know you have to wake up early the next morning with your kids and/or for work, chances are you’re going to have a pretty relaxed night and go to bed before midnight. Nothing kills a party vibe like people not being able to enjoy themselves because they’re already thinking about their busy day tomorrow. But also consider this…

  3. Transportation: Even if you were to have your mid-week wedding later in the evening (let’s say around 5 or 6pm), remember that rush hour typically starts at 3 and ends at 6 and your guests need time to get ready and get to your wedding. At this point you might be asking people to take at least one day off work, but for some possibly even two. Oh and by the way…

  4. Vendors: Experienced vendors will charge the same no matter what day your wedding is on. The work they put in and the quality of it doesn’t change, so neither will their price. If you’re trying to save money there, that’s a whole other topic. Which also means…

  5. Barely-There Savings: While you may have saved on the physical venue, chances are that less people will be able to attend due to our our previously mentioned points. Those savings may not outweigh having all of your friends and family, that you care about the most , being there and enjoying your special day with you.


We know that every wedding and couple is different though. Maybe Tuesday has a special meaning to you and your fiancé, or you are after a particularly unique anniversary date [i.e. 02.02.2020].
You can get married on whichever day you like, but don’t change your plans and your vision because you think a wedding in the middle of the week will be a huge budget saver. If budget is your biggest concern, we suggest a smaller and more intimate wedding where you can focus your finances on the things that matter, rather than an extravagant wedding that stresses you and your future spouse out financially.

Weddings should be fun for the guests but also the couple. We want you to have the best wedding ever no matter what day of the week you choose. Pez Productions will be there Monday through Sunday, but we can get the party started on the weekend just a tiny bit better (and probably louder). We will always provide you with the highest quality DJ services for your Ceremony and Reception. With our expertly trained team, we will work closely with you to make sure that your special day is perfect. With optional Lighting and Photobooth services added to your DJ package; any day of the week is a good day to party!