Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows can be a very overwhelming process. It’s important to find the perfect words to tell your soon-to-be husband or wife. To help make the process a little easier, here are a few suggestions:


Make it personal

 Share a story about the two of you. Maybe how you met or when you first knew they were “the one.” Making your vows personal and authentic is a great start to coming up with the perfect words to say!


Quote a love poem or song

If you can’t seem to find your own words to say, use someone else’s words! There is nothing wrong with finding inspiration in a romantic love song or quoting your favorite writer. We do suggest after the quote, however, simply explain how it relates back to your relationship. That way you still keep it personal, too.


Keep it as simple as possible

There is no need to sound deep and full of wisdom in your wedding vows. You are not a philosopher and no one expects you to be. Just tell them how you feel and how happy they make you. That will be more than enough!


Don’t write them ahead of time

Of course, this might not be the right option for everyone, but you can choose to simply not write your vows in advance. This will allow you to speak directly from the heart when you are standing there at the alter looking at the one you love. If you know that you get nervous talking in front of other people and think you won’t do well with not having something prepared, then if nothing else, have a few bullet points to go off of and then what you say about those points can be said on the spot.


Write from the heart

If you are in doubt about what to say, the biggest thing to remember is that you may be speaking in front of a crowd, but in the end your words are just for the one standing across from you. They are the one that your words should resonate with. Think of it as a love letter. Also, if you are both nervous about your vows, there is nothing wrong with writing them together!


Have you recently written vows for your wedding day? What helped you get over your writers block?