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Family Reunion First Timers

Family reunions have been gaining in popularity for the past several years and show no sign of slowing. Are you currently planning a family reunion for the first time? Here are three tips to get you on your way to a stress free celebration.

1. Plan At Least A Year Out
If you’re a first timer when it comes to family reunion planning, then be sure get the ball rolling one year out. You need a lot of time to talk to everyone, take surveys and organize things the right way. Furthermore, your family members will greatly appreciate the advanced notice. Planning early will enable them to take time off work and include the trip in their yearly budget. Bottom line: don’t cut it short.

2. Don’t Plan Alone
Getting other family members involved in the planning process will definitely eliminate some of your stress. In other words, the more people involved, the easier it will be for you to organize everything. Let the smooth sailing begin!

3. Start Small
As a first timer, stick with inviting close family members only. Keeping it small allows you to learn the ropes and prepares you for a reunion on a larger scale down the road. Don’t try to grow too fast. Slowly growing the number of attendees year by year will keep your planning smoother and your event successful and enjoyable.

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