What Are Your COVID-19 Policies?

Due to the unknown nature and ever-changing updates regarding COVID-19, our policies are also constantly changing as we adjust to the current guidelines. Please reach out to us to be informed of our most up-to-date policies regarding COVID-19.

What Are Some Of Your Best Achievements, Company Highlights, and Favourite Events?

Our notable clientele include, Celebrities, Movie Stars, Professional Hockey Players & Athletes, Political Leaders, and Award-Winning Recording Artists.


Some of our memorable and favourite Events have been:


  • Lauren and Jordan Eberle - NHL Wedding
  • Calgary Flames Official New Year's Eve Party
  • Katrina and Akash Wedding - 2020 Canadian Special Events Awards Winner | Best Wedding Under $150,000  &  2020 ILEA Esprit Awards Finalist | Best Wedding Under $75,000 - Lynn Fletcher Weddings
  • Olympic Champions Parade Celebration
  • Booby Ball Gala
  • Shirley and Nonso Wedding - 2020 Canadian Special Event Awards Finalist | Best Wedding Over $150,000  &  2020 Canadian Special Event Awards Finalist | Best Wedding Creative - Lynn Fletcher Weddings
  • A Night with Sir Richard Branson - Energy Disruptors Unite
  • Candy Cane Gala
  • The Calgary Fire Fighters New Year's Eve Gala
  • Devon and Darren Helm - NHL Wedding
  • Shaw Christmas Gala
  • Shaw Kids Christmas Party
  • Shaw Virtual Christmas Party 2020
  • Big Ball Gala
  • Warner Brothers - The Shining Themed Party
  • Nora and Chris Wedding - 2020 Canadian Special Event Awards Finalist | Best Wedding Over $150,000 - Lynn Fletcher Weddings
  • Mercedes Benz Circus Christmas Gala
  • A Night with Alan Doyle & Great Big Sea
  • A Night with Brett Wilson - Les Clefs D’Or Gala
  • SAIT New Logo Unveiling Party
  • The Oilmen’s Conference
  • Pallavi and Phil Wedding - 2019 ILEA Esprit Awards Winner | Best Wedding $75,000 - $150,000  &  2019 Canadian Special Event Awards Finalist | Best Wedding Over $75,000 - Lynn Fletcher Weddings
  • The Calgary Wedding Fair Fashion Show - Bridal Show Productions Star Awards Winner | Best Wedding Fashion Show Over $20,000
  • The Calgary Event Awards
  • The Hashtag Awards
  • Oakley and Mark Pysyk - NHL Wedding
  • Scotiabank Awards Gala
  • ATB Awards Gala           
  • TD Bank Awards
  • CREB Awards Gala
  • CPA Convocation Gala
  • Kelsey and Jeff Wedding - 2015 Canadian Special Event Awards Winner | Best Wedding Over $75,000 - Julianne Young Weddings
  • Londonderry Mall Grand Opening Launch Party
  • An Evening With Sir Elton John
  • Distinctive Collection - Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Launch Party
  • The Calgary FC Soccer Team Game DJ
  • The Calgary Flames Game Afterparty DJ
  • Alex and Chad Johnson - NHL Wedding
  • Alberta Health Services - NICU Charity Fashion Show
  • The Children’s Wish Foundation - ‘AirBand Together For A Wish’
  • Meredith and Jon Wedding - 2015 Canadian Special Event Awards Winner | Best Wedding Under $75,000 - Lynn Fletcher Weddings
What Are Your DJ Packages?

We specialize in Custom Events. We don't believe in forcing our clients to conform to a pre-determined "package" as we believe every Event/Couple is unique with individual needs and requirements, and should be treated as such. Instead, under our clients' direction, we create the perfect solution specifically for each Event.

How Early Should We Book Our Event?

Our average our Events book 6-12 months in advance; while our average Weddings book 12-18 months in advance. We suggest the sooner, the better. Especially if your Event/Wedding will be happening during peak times. Our summer months and the Holiday Season fill up the fastest and sell out, forcing us to turn clients away that don't book in advance.

How Many Events Do You Do Per Year?

On average we do 400-500 Events per year.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Pez Productions was founded in 2009. Most of our team has been DJing for over 10 years and we have a few veterans who have been DJing for over 20 years.

How Many Events Have You Done In Your Career?

We have completed over 5000+ successful Weddings & Events.

What Is The Maximum Event Size You Can Handle?

We have had Events with over 10,000+ guests in attendance. We have a large team and the equipment required to be able to handle Events of any size.

Are You Insured?

Yes. We carry full General and Professional Commercial Liability Coverage with a coverage value of $5,000,000. We are happy to provide you, or your venue, a copy upon request.

Can We Meet For A Consultation?

Absolutely. We encourage submitting an inquiry first so that we can get a general understanding of your Event before the consultation. From there, we will send you a preliminary quote/estimate with a summery of costs for your review in preparation for the consultation. If everything looks good and you would like to move forward with the consultation, we will schedule you in with our company owner and Lead DJ, Fayyaz, where you can discuss your Event further and ask questions, and he will give you a overall understanding of what is included in our quote and a breakdown of the services that we provide.

Do You Require A Deposit/Retainer And When Is The Final Payment Due?

Yes. A 50% deposit/retainer and signed contract are required to book, with the final payment being due 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. If necessary, we can arrange a flexible payment structure.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all Major Credit Cards, Cash, Cheque, Email Money Transfers, Bank/Wire Transfers and PayPal transactions. There is a 3.6% processing and handling fee for Credit Card payments and PayPal transactions.

Does Your Price Include Set-Up Time?

Yes. The quote we provide you with will already include initial setup and teardown times.


If the scope of the work increases, we will adjust our setup time accordingly, allotting extra time for sound checks and equipment testing when required. This includes additional add-ons such as lighting and photo booth services, which often are added on at a later time than the original booking.


Throughout the process, if things modify and change, we will also adjust our setup time to accommodate.

Can You Provide Music For Our Wedding Ceremony As Well As The Reception? 

Yes. We will provide you with two quotes depending on your needs, one with and one without the ceremony. 

Are There Any Extra Costs In Addition To The DJ Quote? 

 No. All costs will be included in the quote we will provide you, with no extra fees or hidden charges.

• Additional items such as lighting and photo booth services will have their individual costs broken down separately from the DJ services. 

Are There Extra Costs For Travel?

Travel costs will be included and built into the quote we provide you if the Event is greater than 50 km outside of Calgary. Depending on the times and location of your Event, we may require an overnight stay. These details will be factored into the quote for you, and then outlined in the contract.

Do You Require Accommodation For Out-Of-Town Events?

Depending on the location of the Event, and the scope of work and timing, we may require accommodation for out-of-town Events. As things come together, we will work with you to determine what will be required. This will be factored into the quote for you, and then outlined in the contract; or can be added later on if needed.

What If The Event Times Change After The Contract Is Signed?

We are flexible in these matters and understand that as the Event planning progresses, things change. We will accommodate these changes, within reason.

Can We Request Overtime If The Event Goes Longer Than Anticipated?

Yes. Overtime can be requested on the Event date; however, it is not guaranteed that the DJ will be able to accommodate the request.


Each hour of overtime is subject to our standard rate of $ 150.00 per hour, (with a minimum $50.00 overtime limit fee) which is to be paid prior to the overtime period; unless otherwise decided and agreed upon in advance. Alternate overtime rates will apply to events outside of Calgary and will be determined on an individual basis.


If you suspect that you may want to add extra hours or that your Event will run longer than the times you have booked, let us know in advance and we can notify your DJ beforehand and give him a heads-up.

Are Tips/Gratuities Expected For The DJ?

No. Tipping is offered at your discretion and is by no means expected by the DJ.


Gratuity is not included in the performance fee and is earned by the DJ. If you feel that the DJ has done an exceptional job or has surpassed expectations, a tip would be considered extremely generous and taken as a great compliment.

Do We Need To Provide A Meal For The DJ ?

Yes, please. If the Event is scheduled to exceed 5 hours, we ask that a full hot meal is provided for the DJ, as it is not professional or sometimes possible, for the DJ to leave to get food. Especially if we are providing dinner music or facilitating the audio for speeches.


To blend in, we ask to eat the same meal that your guests are eating, as oftentimes we will be eating alongside your guests. This way, we too can be well fed and give you our best possible performance. 

Will You "Hold" My Date?

Bookings are only confirmed when our contract has been signed, and a deposit has been paid. Our quotes will be valid for 2 weeks and we will honor and pencil in that date for you during that time, but no Event can be confirmed without a signed contract and paid deposit. If necessary, extensions may be granted if requested.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy? 

The deposit/retainer is non-refundable.


  •  Cancellation for any reason forfeits the deposit.
  •  Cancellation within 60 days of the event date is subject to a $500.00 fee.
  •  Cancellation within 30 days of the event date requires full payment of the balance.
  •  Cancellation due to uncontrollable circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  •  If circumstances arise that require you to postpone or reschedule your event, we will honor your original contract with the new date if possible; dependent on our availability. In some cases there may be a rescheduling fee.
What Do You Require From My Venue / Event Site?

We require at least one 6ft or 8ft banquet table with linens, and access to adequate power: (A dedicated 120-volt, 15-amp circuit on a grounded outlet: [a standard home plug]) within 30 feet of where the DJ will be set up. If the distance to power will be a long ways away, we ask that you notify us so we can bring the proper length extension cords.


We also require a performance area of 5ft x 10ft to set up comfortably, but can fit into tighter spaces if necessary.


We ask that you notify us of any confined spaces we may have to work with, so we can bring the appropriate equipment.


We can generally accommodate outdoor locations, but we do request that you provide a tent or other coverage for the DJ if there is a possibility that weather may be an issue. Ideally, we ask that you have an indoor backup plan as well, in case of inclement weather. Our equipment does not function in extreme cold, or extreme heat and cannot get wet; so we take these circumstances into consideration every time we play outside. If weather does become an issue during our performance, we may need to cease our performance and move indoors for the safety of our equipment, as well as the safety of your guests [shock].

How Do You Assign DJ's? / Can I Meet The DJ?

We believe in a customized approach to assigning DJ's. We don't assign just any DJ to an Event in order to secure the business; but rather choose to learn about our individual couples and/or the individual requirements of the Event. Then, based on availability and the expertise of the DJ; we hand-pick the best-suited DJ from our team for the Event. This process ensures all factors are taken into consideration when assigning the proper DJ to each Event. Once assigned, you are more than welcome to meet the DJ.


  • We require our Wedding Clients to fill out 2 questionnaires upon booking. We will ask you questions such as your formal music choices, specific song requests, guest demographics, special services, general music preferences, and further details about your wedding. These questions will provide us with an in-depth understanding of your day and your individual requirements, and allow us to get to know you better; so we can assign accordingly. From there, we will match you up with the best-suited DJ from our team who best fits your selections and preferences, creating the perfect dynamic between our clients and DJ's, to ensure a successful wedding. Once you are matched up, you are more than welcome to meet the DJ. Alternatively, you may request your assigned DJ attend the final consultation where we will review the questionnaires and confirm final details with you.
Do Your DJ's Drink On The Job?

No. We will graciously decline if a drink is presented or offered to us.

How Interactive Are Your DJ's?

We can be as interactive as you require. Some Events require a DJ with personality that can host or MC the Event or make announcements, while others just want to enjoy the music without any additional talking. Regardless of your preference, we can cater to the interactive needs of each Event. We prefer allowing the music to speak for us. However, we can lead games and ice breakers when required, and even hype up the crowd if the Event calls for it.

Do Your DJ's Take Breaks Throughout The Event?

No. Our DJ's have no scheduled breaks during the show. From the time your guests begin entering the room, right through to the last song, our DJ's will continue to play music. However, there may be other entertainment, speeches, or a scheduled pause in the music where the DJ will not be required to play music.

How Large Is Your Music Library? 

Our library has over 250,000+ songs locally. We have access to an unlimited source of music with Spotify, iTunes, and Beatsource integrations.

Can I View Your Music Database?

Unfortunately not. We have over 250,000+ songs -spanning from the 1920's to current new music- in our database which would take an unnecessarily long time to go through. We update our library weekly encompassing all genres of music, and then further prepare before each show to ensure we have the largest and most relevant selection of music ready for your specific Event.


If the song is available to the general public, chances are we have it, or will be able to get it for you.


If you are looking for general music ideas, or suggestions for themed events, we are more than happy to provide you with our "top hits" music lists or offer suggestions and ideas if needed.

Can I Make Requests?

Yes. You have the option of requesting songs throughout the entire Event.


We will supply you with a request sheet which can be submitted prior to the Event, and encourage you to build us a request list in advance. We will make sure we have any specific songs you've requested beforehand for your Event.

Can I Submit A "Do Not Play" List?

Yes. You can tell us exactly which songs and music genres you do and do not want to hear at your Event.

Can I Choose The Music The DJ Will Play At Our Event?

Yes. We will work with you to create the perfect music atmosphere for your Event, and allow you to customize the music throughout so that there are no surprises or unwanted music at your Event.

Can I Supply You With Music For Our Event?

Yes. You may supply specific music in CD, Wav, M4A, or MP3 format. All songs and music requests must be received no later than two weeks prior to the Event date.

This includes formal music selections and questionnaires for Weddings.

Will You Provide Us With Music Suggestions?

Absolutely. We are more than willing to provide you with a multitude of suggestions based on your preferences and help you plan out the music for your Event. We are also perfectly comfortable selecting most (or all) of the music if you aren't interested in doing so. Our extensive library and knowledge of music enables us to work with your requests and create a mood that reflects your tastes while creating a great atmosphere for all of your guests.


  • For our Wedding Clients; along with the questionnaires we send you, we will provide you with music lists and memory joggers to assist you in selecting formal song choices, and can further help you with suggestions and ideas if required.
How Do Your DJ's Dress For An Event?

Our DJ's will dress appropriately for the function, based on the Event. When necessary, we dress in a dress shirt, tie and black pants or a full suit, depending on the formality of the Event. You are welcome to specify and let us know if there is a certain theme or expectations you would like us to follow.

Do Your DJ's Carry Back-Up Equipment?

Yes. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our DJ's have multiple backup systems in place so that music interruption is at a minimum.


We also -just in case- keep a couple of our DJ's on "standby mode" for emergencies or last minute complications; especially during our popular dates and peak weekends.

Will There Be More Than One Person From Your Team Coming To The Event?

Usually we send out one DJ per Event. Depending on the size and scope of the Event, we may need to bring additional team members to aid in setup & teardown, guest control, additional production work, equipment operation, or as a photobooth or lighting technician. This will be discussed with you as we plan the Event. 

Can We Visit You At An Event?

Yes. You may visit an Event or two that we are performing at as long as we have permission from the client. This may require you to visit at a particular time so as not to disrupt the guests. Please keep in mind, the Event you attend may not be the same type of Event you are planning, and therefore the music and production may differ from what your Event requires or will entail.

  • Our DJ's are also very active in the local music scene and arrangements can be made to visit them in an informal setting during one of their performances.


Why Should I Hire A DJ Instead Of Using An iPod? 

An iPod is unable to "read the crowd" and create the mood and set the atmosphere in a room that is constantly changing. The pauses between songs also disrupts the flow of music and removes the energy from the room. Our DJ's are professionals at creating and sustaining that energy, and can recognize room changes quickly and adapt to meet the needs of your guests; to ensure an Event and party they will never forget. 

Why Should I Hire A DJ Instead Of A Band? 

As professional DJ's we carry thousands of songs of many different genres and can easily pivot and change directions as needed based on the crowd. A band is limited to a handful of rehearsed and pre-selected songs, and will require a couple 15-30 minute breaks between sets; which will completely remove the energy from the room. As DJ's, we are constantly reading the room and gauging the audience. We keep the music flowing without a break throughout the entire Event, and the songs played will sound exactly as they are meant to be; engaging familiarity and encouraging sing-along's and improvisation. We also take up less dance floor real estate, take less time to setup, can be relocated with ease and are not as costly as a band.


If you are still considering hiring a band, why not hire a DJ to play between and after the band sets to get the best of both worlds.

What Makes Pez Productions Different From Other DJ Companies?

1. Our DJ’s DJ for a living. To them, DJing is a form of lifestyle and not just a "part-time" job or side hobby. They are all current in the local music scene showcasing multiple events a month, keeping them fresh and up-to-date with new songs and trends. With this dedication to music and DJing, we provide a service that is unmatched.

2. Our DJs are some of the best-trained DJs in the industry. Having multiple years of DJ experience in their repertoire from a variety of different events. Most of our DJ’s have a strong nightclub background -which forces them to learn how to fill and keep a dancefloor full throughout the entire evening- as well as a reputable Wedding and Corporate Events background; allowing us to give our clients and events an extra level of expertise and energy.

3. Our DJ’s MIX! We are experts in blending tracks together with synergistic transitions from song to song, continuously raising the energy in the room. With our DJ’s, you won’t see any push "Play and Stop" DJing, which causes breaks in the music flow and kills the energy. We generate a solid flow of music throughout the event, which will create energy and excitement in the room, keeping your guests on the dancefloor all night long.

4. We are experts in music selection. We are familiar with all genres of music and know what will get your guests up and dancing. We know large crowds require a diverse selection of music to get everyone engaged. We use our experience and skill to read the crowd and blend different styles and genres of music together, encouraging participation by everyone and giving you an unforgettable event with every guest -young and old alike- having a great time.

5. We pay attention to all of the little details so you don’t have to, and help to streamline the process of selecting music and creating the perfect event. Our goal is to take away the stress of throwing an amazing event and allow you to enjoy yourself as a guest. For our wedding clients, we want you to be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day hassle free; allowing the music to set the mood and assist in creating lasting memories.

6. We customize your event so it will be original. Whether it’s through music, lighting or both. We believe each event and each couple is unique, and that the overall experience should be a reflection of that. We work with you to design the perfect event that will be memorable for you and your guests. We'll use our expertise and knowledge to support you through the entire process, offering suggestions & ideas to make your planning as easy as possible.

7. We work hand-in-hand with most of the top venues and vendors in and around the city. These key relationships allow us to understand the particulars of each venue, and how different vendors operate, which in turn, allows us to give you specific ideas, suggestions and insight directly pertaining to your event to help you achieve the best experience possible.

8. We offer a sense of security. We know that a big concern with any event is, "What if the DJ can't make it or doesn't show up?" With our large team of DJ's, your event will go off without a hitch, no matter what. We always have a backup plan in place and pride ourselves in our punctuality and commitment to our clients. Whether it is replacing a sick DJ or equipment that fails last minute, rest assured we always have a plan A, B and C.

The policies above are intended as guidelines only and are subject to change at the sole discretion of Pez Productions.
These polices are always evolving and may change before this FAQ section is updated.

Due to the unknown nature of COVID-19, we are continuing to learn about the transmission of the virus and will provide
updates as more information and vaccinations become available.