Pez Productions is more than just Music;
It’s an Experience.

That experience starts with a professional, highly-trained selected DJ, as the perfect fit to your celebration or event. We believe that every event should be authentically customized to your unique personal needs. Our team has been handpicked and recruited as top industry leaders, to ensure exciting and energetic events that you’ll remember for years to come. These individuals have dedicated themselves to the art of creating unique experiences and all have a deep passion and understanding of music.

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DJ Fayyaz K
Owner of Pez Productions, has become one of the most desirable talents in Calgary.
"I love taking people on a musical journey, the energy and excitement I can create is addicting and continuously has me coming back; it’s a natural high. Being in control of the crowd, whether it’s 50 people or 5,000, you can take them on a ride in whatever direction you want, and each time is completely di­fferent."

Exclusive DJ & Special Events | Official Emulator Artist | By Request Only

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“I love entertaining people. I’m not just playing music; I’m taking the crowd on a trip away from the ordinary, everyday pressures of life and creating memories of good times and celebrations. Knowing that I was able to contribute to those memories is very rewarding!”
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“The moment when the entire crowd reacts to the song you’re playing, the energy sky rockets and they all dance. It’s a passion for me. At first it was a hobby and now it’s my livelihood and I love it.”
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“There is nothing more satisfying than walking away from an amazing party at the end of the night and having guests go out of their way to compliment you on a great job.”
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With over 20 years of experience and a strong technical audio background, Disco is a highly in demand professional Disc Jockey. He is a “generalist” when it comes to DJing, as he is able to cater to any crowd and is well versed in all types of music genres, from the oldies, all the way up to today’s biggest top 40 hits. He is interactive and will be sure to keep the dance floor full all night. Some of his major musical influences are Calvin Harris, Avicii, Deadmau5, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Bob Sinclair, Rihanna, Maroon 5 and Jay-Z just to name a few. Whether you want a full out club sound, or you want to listen to the best of the 80’s, or are looking for a few great waltz’s and Cha Cha’s to dance to, Disco has every style of music covered to ensure your dance is a success. Disco can blend different genres of music together effortlessly to create the perfect soundtrack for your event.
“I enjoying sharing my music and ensuring that everyone has a great time! If you leave the dancefloor with a beat in your head, new or old, I have done my job.”
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Faulkenham has always had a passion for music. Falling in love with the old days of Dance Mix’s 94-96, the Vengaboys, Blank and Jones, ATB and Alice Deejay, and then to one of his all-time favorites; the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, music quickly became an obsession and he dedicated himself to the industry. His career began in 2005 through a couple of friends; who all had the same idea to start working towards music production and the DJ scene. Not being satisfied with the culture or the music Calgary venues had to offer, they decided they wanted to change the scene, and so the long journey began. Faulkenham started taking DJ lessons at AXE music through Jon Delirious a local and very successful DJ/Producer. Two classes in, he bought his first set of CDJ-800’s and a Behringer mixer which led to numerous hours spent in the basement working on a perfect mix. Learning the basics of reading a crowd from playing at various house parties, birthdays, weddings and small pubs, he refined his talent and increased his dedication. With his extreme obsession for electro, dubstep, dutch and house music, he was able to play whatever he enjoyed with a crowd that enjoyed it. Getting his first break and landing a residency at a small pub called Paddy O Leary’s, Faulkenham learned the ropes of playing a variety of sounds such as 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s giving him more versatility in his art. Flash forward and now Faulkenham has played in many of Calgary’s top hot spots including Sals on 17th , The Metropolitan Grill, Flames Central, Ten, Vicious Circle, The Bank, Habitat and Opus. Fundraisers also mean a lot to Faulkenham, he enjoys giving back and helping out for a good cause while getting more experience and recognition. Knowing that networking is a very important factor of the music industry, Faulkenham decided to promote for various entertainment companies such as Boodang, Aqua Audio and TwoTowers entertainment. TwoTowers gave Faulkenham opportunities to grow as a promoter/DJ. Shortly after, Faulkenham was offered a residency at Public Social Lounge which was big news for the local DJ. Adding one more connection to his repertoire, Faulkenham joined with Transmission to further his experience in the DJ/Production industry. Faulkenham is always up for the challenges and changes involved in the industry. He enjoys working with with all audiences to create a fun and exciting atmosphere at any type of event. Being a true entertainer, Faulkenham keeps a good balance of mobile events mixed with club events to make sure he’s always fresh in both scenes.
“I love the music and being able to experience different reactions from the crowd and feeling that energy, nothing compares to it. Be it a Wedding, Christmas Party or Birthday, I am there to help lift everyone and celebrate the occasion!”
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“I love working with people on their happiest days. How many people can say that they get to celebrate every day at their job? Making people happy through music and bringing out everyone’s best dance moves; I get to be a part of cherished memories for a lifetime.”
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DJ Sparr0w
“It’s truly gratifying to spend time with people celebrating unforgettable nights; music is an excellent way to enhance an experience and turn the night into the perfect party.”
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“I love the feeling of dropping song after song and getting an amazing response from the crowd; there's no better feeling in the world. When playing music for people you have to find their flavor and when you do, it’s a perfect night!”
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“I love making people feel good and making people dance. I enjoy being able to provide and create ambience and change people's moods with music. The feeling I get when I know people are enjoying the music. There’s no other feeling like knowing you are a part of the celebrations and joy of the night.”
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Daina Tribble (aka Badaina) is DJ/ Producer who moved to Calgary from Northern Alberta at the age of 6. With a father who lived for country music and a mother who loved rock n' roll, Daina grew up in an environment heavily influenced by music. As a child she attended music festivals and concerts with her parents and took full advantage of playing her parents 5 disc changer and sound system in the pool room at her parents parties and every chance she got. In her teen years Daina discovered dance music and a love for hip hop and r&b. Over the years Daina has developed a very diverse love for all genres of music including country, rock, hip hop, rap, pop, disco, jazz, and particularly dance music. After learning how to DJ in 2010, Daina has been playing at nightclubs and venues around the city including (but not limited to) Habitat Living Sound, Republik, Hifi, Gohan, Commonwealth, Gametime, and many more. Her passion for soulful melodies, solid grooves and creating ambience is very apparent at her live shows where she never fails to create a special ambience and build energy for an unforgettable night. Daina's first EP was released with Jake-Tech in early 2016 on L.B. Recordings, and since then she has had releases on 1980 Recordings, Strictly Deep, Definition Audio, Fett Recordings, having her tracks played on Loco LDN Radio and around the UK. She has worked with and remixed tracks for artists such as Ivan Feher, Lex Loofah, Soulspeed, Charlie Pearson, and Paul HG. Having played alongside various artists such as Collette, DJ Heather, DJ Dan, The Funk Hunters, Smalltown DJ’s, and countless local artists, Daina has become one of Calgary's best and well known female DJs.
“When you get an alignment of all the intricacies of a party which come together to make something that the person attending had no idea could affect them in that profound way that they never knew could happen. That is how to build deep memories and experiences of a true party.”
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Client Relations Manager & CFO

When you inquire with Pez Productions, Lindsay is your first point of contact; She is professional and experienced and is always looking for creative ways to evolve the industry. 
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Pez Productions has a growing roster of DJ's to accommodate the demands of our current and future clients