Calgary DJ services

Hiring a DJ 101

Music sets the tone for any wedding celebration. It can bring energetic party goers together on the dance floor or isolate guests as they think of ways to leave early. Hiring a DJ can make or break your reception. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your option so that you can choose your wedding reception music and who will be providing it.

1.) Personal taste. Think about what your personal taste is and what kind of tone you want to set for the wedding reception. Do you want a wild party or a more elegant affair? Whichever you choose, it will play a big role in the atmosphere of your wedding.

2.) Cost. Typically, a DJ costs less than a band. Prices vary based on day and time and also whether you want music at the ceremony or just the reception. Make sure you do your research on the pros and cons of a band versus a DJ before making your decision.

3.) Venue space. Does your venue have the space and resources necessary to equip the music that you are considering? If the venue is small, there may not be room for a large band and a DJ might be the better route to go. Getting all of the details worked out in advance can save you headaches down the road.

4.) Master of ceremonies. whoever is in charge of your music also acts as master of ceremonies for your wedding reception. This can be a good thing if that person is charming and likeable, or it can be a disaster if that person is a deadbeat. You can certainly improve the odds of your music and reception running smoothly by meeting them ahead of time to get a feel for their personality.

5.) Be clear about your needs/wants. You should compile a list of the songs that you definitely want to hear and that you know will keep your guests out on the dance floor. Also be sure to give a list of songs that you do not want to be played on your big day.