Hiring a DJ For Your Grad Party

Some of the best memories from high school always come from grad parties. Your friends, the outfits, and—of course—the music, make for some of the best times. A lot of planning goes into making dances unforgettable, one of the more important aspects, though, is definitely the choice of DJ. He or she sets the mood and frankly can make or break one of these important milestones. So, how exactly do you choose the right DJ for the job? Well, I’ll break down some of the most important questions and considerations when it comes to choosing the DJ for your school dance.

Location, Location, Location.

Before even thinking about a DJ, it’s very important to find the venue. When your place has been booked, pay special attention to the space where you plan to have the DJ. There is a lot of equipment they need, and ample space for them to set-up and function is important. If possible take measurements, pictures, and note any other crucial information that may affect their performance. It’s likely they will do what’s called a site check (a walkthrough of the space), however, the more information you can give them, the more you ensure a pleasurable experience.

Price Point

We’ve all heard it, “you get what you pay for.” This holds true when looking for the perfect DJ. When planning grad party your group should start thinking about the budget at the beginning of the year. Some DJ experiences can get very pricey, but as long as you have a good grasp on the budget from the beginning you can make a better decision. The last thing you want to do is spend all your money on decorations and use the remainder for cheap entertainment. At the end of the day your guest will likely forget about the table decorations and remember the lame DJ who couldn’t get anyone to dance at a DANCE!

Song List

Song lists are crucial to the success of any party. When talking to potential hires, ask them what influences their choice in music (charts, word of mouth, client selection, etc.). This is important because it is a school function, Make absolutely certain their song list will ONLY include clean versions of songs. Whoever you hire will want your repeat business, so it’s likely they will gladly comply with that request.


The music is undeniably a very important aspect to any grad party, but there are several extras that can take the experience to the next level. Lighting shows that sync with the rhythm of the music can instantly create a great atmosphere. Video screens showing the artist’s music videos are also an awesome touch. They add another layer of entertainment; guest taking a break can be stimulated visually without physically dancing to the music.

Make this year’s grad party the event of the year with the help of Pez Productions! Under the direction of DJ Fayyaz K, our DJs will provide fun, entertainment and play music your students and staff will be certain to love! We always supply nightclub sound systems, intelligent lighting and top-of-the-line DJs. Upgrade with one or two screens and throw a video dance party. Whatever the occasion may be, get ready to dance!