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iPod vs DJ: Is It Worth The Risk?

With the “Do It Yourself” era at a peak, couples have started trying to DIY for wedding reception music. But it is worth the risk of not having a professional to take over should something disastrous occur? Image you are in middle of your father/daughter dance when all of the sudden…the music stops. Trying to replace an experienced, professional and properly-equipped DJ with a mobile device can be a monumentally difficult, if not defeating, task. Below are several reasons why a DJ is worth the investment.

Coordination: An iPod / laptop can’t work with your coordinator throughout the evening, anticipating the order of events and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Announcements: An iPod / laptop can’t act as the Master of Ceremonies, making any required announcements in a concise, professional manner.

Reading the crowd: An iPod / laptop can’t take requests, gauge audience reaction, or beat-mix considering tempo and genre to create a set of music that builds energy and excitement on the dance floor.

Experience: An iPod can’t help plan a memorable reception by giving advice about music and event flow that’s based on years of experience.

Hassle: Couples using an iPod / laptop must rent, pickup, setup, operate, teardown and return a sound system. Most systems available for rent are not of the same quality as those used by professional DJs who use their systems every weekend and take pride in their sound.

Backup Gear: Most rental systems do not come with any backup gear, as a top-notch professional DJ would. …and who is going to diagnose a problem and get the system running again if a component or cable fails?

File Sound Quality: Mp3’s used in mobile devices are a fraction of the size of, and do not provide the same sound quality as full size, CD quality .wav files used by the best DJs.

Empty Dance Floors: IPod / laptop weddings usually involve a few of the couple’s closest friends hovering around the iPod / laptop discussing what song to play next, while the rest of the guests walk off the dance floor.

Moral of the story, DIY projects are great but reception music should not be one of them. With all of the time and energy invested into such an important day, why wouldn’t you prioritize investing in a quality DJ to make sure that you are worry free and that you reception runs smoothly?