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Let’s Dance!

Schools have always been in need of funds, with fundraising being a huge help in raising the necessary monies needed to provide supplies, programs, and other offerings to students. However, the success of a fundraiser is contingent upon whether the people rally behind the idea. One long-time favorite fundraising them is a 24-hour dance-a-thon. Wht better way to raise money money for your school, then to dance the night away! Dance marathons are remenisent of the days when schools and communities would gather together for sock hops, dressed in their best poodle skirts. Even today, sance-a-thons are quite popular, and are an excellent way for schools, and other organizations, to raise money. When planning your dance-a-thon, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure your location is optimal for dancing.

The easiest location for a school fundraiser’s dance-a-thon is the gymnaisum. With hardwood flors, ample space, and access to bathrooms, this would be the ideal location for a school dance marathon.If a school doesn’t have a gymnaisium, then considerations may have to be taken, and looking into renting a local community center could be an option. However, remember that this is ultimately a fundraiser, so you are trying to keep expenses low. Also, ensure that you have electrical outlets for the DJ to set up, as well as for any additional productions elements, such as lighting, or a photobooth. These things can really help create a fun mood.

  • Determine what your theme will be in advance.

Probably the best part of planning a dance-a-thon is picking a theme. It’s time to really let your imagination soar, as the theme will dictate the tone of the event. It will be fused into the decorations, the music, and even any costumes. Some popular themes are;

  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Roaring 20s
  • A 1950s Sock Hop
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • Disco Inferno
  • Tow The Line – Country Line dance
  1. It’s ALL about the music.

Let’s be realistic. If you don’t have music, good music, at a dance-a-thon, you are dead in the water. But, a great dance marathon is more than just music. It requires a professional to help keep the flow, energy, and movement alive – after all, when you are looking at hour 14.5, you’re going to need someone professional to keep people on their toes! Hiring a DJ is the way to go with a dance-a-thon for multiple reasons. First and foremost, you want to make sure the music never stops. Bands will need to take breaks and a DJ can keep the party going all night long. Also, DJs can provide a wider range of music selections. Let your DJ know upfront what your theme is so that they can be sure to create a large list of songs that fit.

  1. Your primary goal = raise money.

There are a few ways to raise money with a dance-a-thon. The first, is pledges. Leading up to the event, this main way of raising money with your dance-a-thon allows people to place their pledges on how will last the longest on the dance floor. However, there are other ways to raise the much needed funds. They can  include:

  • Asking those participating to pay an entry fee.
  • Charging an admission fee for those not participating, but would just like to watch.
  • Selling food and beverages.
  • Ask local businesses for sponsorships or donations.

The idea is to think of every possible way to integrate your dance-a-thon in potential money-making ways. Get the students involved in the planning too! Not only will it get them excited about the event, but will help push the word-of-mouth factor.

Also, remember that a good DJ service can help with ideas to make the event successful. Make your next school occasion the event of the year with the help of Pez Productions! Under the direction of DJ Fayyaz K, our DJs will provide fun, entertainment and play music your students and staff will be certain to love! We always supply nightclub sound systems, intelligent lighting and top-of-the-line DJs. Upgrade with one or two screens and throw a video dance party. Whatever the occasion may be, get ready to dance!