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Planning A Wedding: The Importance of Music

Planning a wedding is NOT for wimps. From guest lists to food to alterations and decorations, the details of this momentous occasion really are critical. One false move can land you with a set of issues that will forever plague your memory and in turn, everyone else’s too.

Keeping this in mind, one thing that is often times over looked is the entertainment, specifically the music. Sure, decorations and dresses fill everyone’s eye during the ceremony, but, the real fun happens at the reception.

During that time of photography, guests are sipping on cocktails and mingling and often times…waiting. They wait and then once the bride and groom arrive, they still wait, for speeches, and food service.

However, the right entertainment can help allow guests to feel as though the waiting is actually not waiting at all. They can meet and greet other couples and guest, even make allowances for hair to be let down a bit.

In terms of music, it’s more than just “background” noise to fill the air so that the venue doesn’t seem too quiet. The right music for those moments really can add to the festivities and allow people to really feel like they are at a party – a celebration. But, most people tend to hire a cheesy DJ with flashing party lights and a bit of microphone banter, somehow feeling that this person will know what to do automatically. While some entertainers’ choice of oldies but goodies can get the party started, there are more experienced DJs’ that actually take time to help plan and layout exactly what is the perfect choice of music at the perfect times in the reception, allowing for more than just a playlist roll.

A successful reception is actually more than just how many people are on the dance floor. It’s about allowing the guests to celebrate and truly feel a part of the whole wedding experience. This happens with special moments that can only be executed with a little planning.

Creating a list of must-haves songs and meeting with the DJ in advance is a must, as they can get more of an idea on what the overall theme is for your wedding. An experienced DJ can actually make sure your whole reception creates and sustains a lasting impression. After all, the reception is the finale for wedding guests and is likely to be one of the most memorable parts.

Pez Productions provides DJ services for the ceremony and reception and work closely with you to customize the entertainment for your special day. A pre-event consultation ensures every detail is taken care of and in tune with your personal taste. Be sure to add this number to your planning call list; (403) 701.6062.