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Thank You Letter

We received a wonderful thank you letter today and thought it would be worth sharing. It’s from a couple who had to change all their wedding details last minute as we experienced one of the worst floods we have ever seen in Calgary.

My husband and I got married this year on June 22nd 2013. Yes, the same weekend just a day or two after Calgary flooded. I was lucky enough to have Fayyaz recommended to me through my hairdresser who I have been going to for years. Turns out Fayyaz was a good friend of her husband is who is also a DJ. I remember her telling me not only what a fantastic DJ he was, but also what a great person he was as well. They had only the best things to say about him. So I of course could not pass this up and I contacted Fayyaz through his website. He replied very quickly and he was extremely helpful from our very first email all the way to our special day.

We met Fayyaz and we went over everything for our wedding day. He had questions that I would have never thought about!! He was very helpful with picking songs and let me tell you, we were most excited about all the games he was telling us about!!! Lets admit it, its one thing to have a DJ that gets on the mic and announces a few things here and there and plays the songs that you and your family and friends request, but its a whole other thing to have Fayyaz as your DJ. He has the best ideas that got my family and friends up out of there seats and had everyone participating.

I will always remember the day before my wedding when Calgary was undergoing the worst flood ever, and I remember sitting there on Friday morning pulled over on the side of the road with my cell phone in hand being bombarded wit text messages from our caterer, my wedding party, the lady at the reception hall, all asking me what we were planning on doing tomorrow with all this going on? Our reception hall was in Riverbend. They were asking me if I was going to cancel and if I had watched the news and do we still have a church and a reception hall???? Not only was it a horrible feeling to be watching the news and thinking of all the Calgarians that were losing there homes, but it felt wrong to be worrying about my wedding plans when so much other stuff was going on! Then I got a text message from Fayyaz, he asked on of the most important questions: He asked how I was? Not only did he ask how I was, but he reassured me by saying just to let him know where to be and he offered any help if needed. Instead of making me worry more like everyone else he was the only one who really made me think it was going to be okay. He said “just let me know where you need me to be, and if you need me to help with anything else”. I cant tell you how much those words meant when all I was thinking was how I am going to cancel this wedding and ask all my family and friends to make the trip back down here in a few weeks if I had to cancel?

Needless to say after having about 10 people in my living room Friday evening on the phone searching for a new reception Hall, Everything worked out! One of my best memories from that day was when we can back from pictures and go to the reception hall and I walked in to the New Hall I could not believe how great Fayyaz had made it look!!! Remember I had moved my reception hall at the very last minute and all though I was very grateful that we had a place to enjoy, it was not really the prettiest hall, and it had cowboys on the walls, and the hall I had originally picked -was all neutral colours with nothing on the walls. So when we walked in to see the hall after he had set up I couldn’t believe my eyes!! He did an outstanding job!! He really made this hall come together and it was beautiful!!! Another memory of him was he was wearing a shirt that was identical to my wedding colours!!! This made me realize that he truly cared about everything we had talked about, and he listened to everything we said when we described our day to him when we got together with him a few weeks before the wedding. At this time I felt as if he was a close friend I knew for a very long time!

Our night went off without a Hitch! You would have never known that about 18 hours prior we had no Hall, no plans, no nothing!! I can honestly say that he really made our wedding what it was! Everyone was talking about him, how great he was, how fun the games were, what a nice guy he was. I wish I could find the words to say thank you to Fayyaz so that he understood what an amazing part of the wedding he really was. Even I who was completely and utterly exhausted danced my behind off for a better part of the night. He had everyone up and dancing and involved everyone in the games. I remember a few days after the wedding, I had a number of text messages asking for his contact information. My best friend actually got engaged shortly after our wedding day an she is also having Fayyaz DJ her upcoming wedding in 2014.

Even today I still talk to him on FB, and I am so happy he was able to be a part of our special day. Thank you Fayyaz for everything and I wish you nothing but success and happiness. I know that you will be a big part of a lot of couples special day!!! Anyone who has the opportunity to meet you and have you DJ any of there events are very lucky and are in for wonderful experience. I can’t thank you enough for turning our day into a very memorable one. You are truly amazing at what you do!

Much Love and Respect,
Jamie & Tala