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The Hottest Party Trend Says Smile for the Camera!

Photo booths are one of the hottest party trends today, popping up everywhere from romantic wedding receptions to glamorous galasand everything in between.

Whether it is a wedding, holiday party or company function, planning an event takes tremendous amounts of time, work and money. More often than not, the guests are the most overlooked part of the party! Have no fear, booking a photo booth will provide your guests the opportunity to be part of the entertainment! Let’s take a look at the top three reasons you should book a photo booth for your upcoming event.

#1: Photo Booths Are Fun

Nobody attends a party with the hopes of not having any fun. Having a photo booth will make your event a blast! It will heighten the fun to a whole new level because people simply let loose when they get in front of a camera. It also gives guests the chance to take a break from dancing if they wish, or for those who just don’t dance at all. Just don’t forget to have props on hand for guests to dive into and explore different looks!

#2: Photo Booths Helps Breaker the Ice

Formal and corporate events can make it hard for guests to mingle, but a photo booth allows guests that don’t know each other to feel silly together with no shame. You can even overcome any awkwardness by having party guests compete to create the most extreme and outrageous poses!

#3: Photo Booths Create Lasting Memories

Add a photo booth to your event to capture your guests’ fun and personality.
Whether you’re having an ugly Christmas sweater party or an extravagant New Year’s Eve bash, a photo booth is always in style. It also makes for perfect party favors!

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