Calgary DJ services

Why a DJ?

Music is an important part of the wedding.  If you’ve started the planning process, you already know that there are a ton of important decisions to make. We’re here to ease some of your stress. When deciding who to choose to entertain and speak to you, Pez Productionsis the solution.

When planning a wedding, many couples are looking for ways to save money. You may not see the point in spending hundreds of dollars to hire a professional entertainment company, when you can just hire the DJ you found in the online classifieds. However, we cannot stress enough that just like photographers; all DJs are not the same. The abilities of your DJ selection can determine how enjoyable and fun your reception is.

When hiring the right DJ, it is important that your DJ takes the time to get to know you and be on the same page with your plans. By getting to know you, they are able to emotionally connect you with your guests. If your DJ doesn’t take the time to do so, how personal and smooth will your special day be?

It’s the most important day of your life, so let us help you make it an everlasting memory! We provide DJ services for the Ceremony and Reception and will work closely with you to customize the entertainment for your special day. Pre-event consultation with DJ Fayyaz Kensures every detail is taken care of and in tune with your personal taste. We always supply nightclub sound systems, intelligent lighting and top-of-the-line DJs. In addition, we are able create a custom mixed CD made specifically for your event. Be sure to add this number to your planning call list: 403.701.6062.