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Why Hire a DJ for an Event?

Nothing brings death to an event or gathering more than bored guests. And what kills them? Silence.

It may be golden to some, but when people are gathered, the quiet can be deafening and cause people to feel extremely uneasy. For that reason, and a few others, most event planners are certain to never break the cardinal rule which is to never ignore the role of music. Herein lies the answer to why you should hire a dj for your next event.

Music literally can make or break an event. Success at an event is about how memorable and entertaining it is. Making sure those memories are good and not one people want to soon forget, keep these points in mind when planning your next event:

1. Avoid the temptation to hire Uncle Jeff’s band. Even the most talented bands can’t provide the range of songs that a DJ can. Plus, it limits people’s interests – what if they hate their music or song selections? A DJ has access to thousands of songs and can feel the tempo of a room. They know when to jazz things up or tone them down.

2. Depending on your event, a DJ knows exactly what to play. Always. Looking to keep just enough background sound on to avoid boredom, but, keep people socializing at your corporate event? Done. Feel the party needs to be kicked up a notch at your school fundraiser? Done. They are experts in music, so trust them.

3. Another bonus – DJs are more than button pushers with equipment. A good DJ provides entertainment, and can help in keeping the event flowing. Some DJ services can even include extras like laser light shows, smoke, dry ice, bubble machines, mirror balls, lighting and even photo booths.

4. Customization is always number one in a list of must-haves for any event, and a DJ can totally offer that by allowing song and music requests – most bands don’t do that.

5. One final point – DJs keep it professional and smooth and this can drastically create a mood that boosts your school or company’s reputation.

Now that you realize the importance, be sure not to go cheap. Go big or go home, right? When planning your next event, keep this name in mind – Pez Productions. From corporate gatherings to school dances, we have your event needs covered. Pez Productions has entertained dozens of local and international events. We are experienced in traveling with all our gear so you can throw a party anywhere in the world. Contact us and let us get you a custom mixed CD made specifically for your event. Be sure to add this number to your planning call list; (403) 701.6062.