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Why Hiring A Musician Is Costing You More Than You Know

Often times when you think about entertainment for an event you think – oh, simple! I’ll just hire a musician! Well, here are some things to consider when looking to hire a musician. First, it’s important to understand that you aren’t simply hiring someone to show up and play.

What you are actually paying for is the added cost of the equipment and instruments used, since many time bands and musicians add upkeep costs to their total price. Many musicians and bands also factor in time for rehearsal and the rehearsal space would also be on your cost sheet.

Also, travel expenses to get to your wedding reception venue, including gas or mileage and possibly hotel expenses. This will then add on food, booking fees, and insurance other promotional fees.

Still think that offering a musician or band the opportunity for exposure at your wedding or event is a fair cost to you? The fact is hiring a musician costs more than you think and you are not able to customize your sound or music the way you could with a professional dj service.

Pez Productions is in the business of entertainment. They know what makes an event successful and know how to engage people to ensure they are having a good time. Musicians don’t worry too much about that. They play their set and call it a night. With Pez Productions, you are getting more than simply music. You are getting the added eyes and benefits of a host. Save yourself the headaches and worry and simply schedule a consultation with Pez Productions by calling (403) 701.6062.